Urgent..! Unable to Connect: Mobile application

Hello experts,

I'm running on HP Service Manager 9.4 with Apache tomcat 8 on windows 2012 server.

Now i need to enable moblity in HPSM. I copied mobility package (webapp-9.40.0009.war) to /webapps folder of apache tomcat installation directory and renamed it to smm.

Edited in WEB-INF/web.properties file as : endpoint http://<mywebserverIP> :13080/SM/ui

Also updated in HPSM system information record -> Active Integrations -> Mobility URL: http://<mywebserverIP>:8080/smm

restarted tomcat service.

Tried from mobile browser (both chrome and firefox) with the link http://<mywebserverIP>:8080/smm.

Throws an error no resource found in the name smm. but i'm able to connect and see the apache tom cat home page.


Please guide me, if i'm wrong while configuring, correcting/missing steps..


Thanks in advance,