session is Lagging / Hanging when Interaction ticket is Resolved

Hi experts, We are running on HPSM 9.4 on windows machine. When Interaction ticket is resolved user session (one who resolving the ticket) will be hanged. but in the back ground ticket got saved in Resolved state and actions are (Email & SMS) triggerd. after some time user throws out of HPSM. As per my survey on this, this is causing when Scheduled action (Autoclosure after 72hrs) Rule set is called in workflow. I tried by disabling the Autoclosure ruleset and it works good. verified Auto closure script and it is also correct. Please help me on this....

  • may be an issue with the way you call the autoclosure in the workflow... difficult to see from here.

    Do you see anything in the logs between the time the user clicks resolve and gets kicked out? i would think there should be some errors posted there that may point you in the right direction. Otherwise step over the workflow and make sure everything is looking ok.