Auto closure of incidents in HPSM 9.4

Hi experts,


I have HPSM 9.4 running on a windows machine. I got one requirement saying that, any incident(s) in resolved state for 72 hours, should be closed automatically, inturn related interaction also should get closed. As per my survey it should be done using Process Designer(PD). I'm not much aware of those concepts. 

Pls help me in this.

Thanks in advance.



Sachin HS

  • Hi, sachin

    You should use SLA/SLO to implement the requirement, the SLO is used to define the ticket closure standard, and then do the tailoring to close the ticket physically by RAD/JS in process.




  • Hi Sachin,

    This should as we are using SM 9.30 and we made same configuration in our setup.

    In Scheduler create a schedule-->

    Name:- Auto Close Incident

    Status:- rescheduled

    class and scedule class:- problem

    Expiration and Action time:- give next 15mins ahead of present time.

    In Repeat Interval select "other" and enter time as "00:05:00"

    in javascript tab enter below script:-

    var elapsedTime=2;
    var oT = new Date();
    var CT = new XMLDate(oT);
    var IncTable = new SCFile("probsummary");
    var query="problem.status=\"Resolved\" and update.time<'" CT.getSCDateTimeString() "'"
    var rc = IncTable.doSelect(query);
    if (rc == RC_SUCCESS);
    var d = new XMLDate( new Date() );
    var js = d.getSCDateTimeString()
    IncTable.resolution.push("*** Auto-Closed by System at " js "***");
    while (IncTable.getNext()==RC_SUCCESS);