Usage Type in Data Policy to Show Category, Sub Category and Area in Templates

What should be the usage type for field Category, Sub Category, Area to include these fields in Templates?

Actually I created a Template by changing usage type of Category, Sub Category and Area from System to Null and I'm successfull in showing these fields in created Template and then i set the default values for that fields. and after that i Changed the Usage Type from Null to System and now when i'm trying to use that template the default values i set for category, Subcategroy, Area changes as it takes the defalut categery selected and Sub Category and Area will be cleared and if i change usage type from system to null in data policy, it works fine, So I just want to know what should be the usage type for field Category, Sub Category, Area to display the defualt set values for these field in Templates?

and if some one  explains more about Usage Types in Data Policy, it would be more helpfull , I go through all the help files and forum but i didn't find any thread related to Usage Types in Data Policy, so Please contrbute to this thread  and discuss more about usage types in Data Policy like System , Data , Application , Depricated



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    Hello Sahil,

    hope you are doing well.

    The Usage Type column determines a field's availability for defining views, defining templates, mass functions, and smart actions in Service Manager.


    "Deprecated" means the field will NOT be available for defining views, defining templates, mass functions, and smart actions.

    Generally, deprecated  also indicates the field may have been used in older versions and is now obsolete. It's still there for upgrades, however, since it is no-longer used, it is excluded from views etc. by using this usage type.

    • "System" means the field will only be available for defining views.
    • "Application" or "Data" means the field is not restricted. There is no functional difference between these two values (informational only).

    The Usage Type column (sysFieldType field) in Data Policy should be set to "Data" or "Application" for any custom fields that will be used with Views, Templates, mass functions, or smart actions.


     Example: Field "Description" (fieldname: description) should be available in "Modify Columns" but not in "Advanced Filter" 

    1) datadict settings for table "incidents":
    ·         Field name: description
    ·         Caption. Description
    ·         Usage Type: Deprecated
    ·         Available: true
    2) Tests:
    ·         Modify Columns: Description is available
    ·         Advanced Filter: Description is not available
    hope it helps.
  • Hi, Can you please share if your issue is resolved ? If yes then you can post the answer your for others to help too. If not then you can log a case with HP Software support or Professional Services for customization requests.

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