Are Extra Spaces in field values/Rule Set Conditions or Naming any thing in effects workflow working

Are Extra Spaces in field values/Rule Set Conditions or Naming any thing in effects workflow functioning in HPSM 

Actually I set a field value of Hardware / Software Changes in a field and t set a rule in work flow based on that, first times it work but after that ir never works and when i change a field value of  same field to Hardware/Software Changes and then change the rule set condition it works and it is working fine now, so i just want to know are extra spaces allowed while defining field values/defining if yes and does it effects the working of rule sets/workflow and also i want to know from where i'm able to change $G.urgency.disp value list and does it effects any thing if I change, actually there are extra spaces in $G.urgency.disp value list like "1 - Critical", "2 - High" due to which the rule sets not working and i want to change it to "1-Critical", "2-High" and what if i make the change, does  it effects the working of other modules, Please Let me know 




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    If you want to change a rule set from 1-critical to 1 - critical, you will need to change it in all the rule set. If not, it cannot call the function "1-critical".

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    I just want to know, while defining any name or value list for the variable or naming change model, are extra spaces accepted? and when we define the value with extra spaces like 1 - Critical and set the rule on the basis of that like run condition when urgency="1 - Critical" does it runs properly, actually I run two test for this case first is i set rule with this contion when           urgency="1 - Critical" and it works only first time and after that it never works and second case is without extra spaces like i define the value for variable 1-Critical without any spaces and run the rule set when urgency="1-Critical" and it works fine so i want to know while defining values for field/variable, extra spaces in name are accepted or not and  one thing can you let me know from where i'm able to change values in $G.urgency.disp list, the values are "1 - Critical", "2 - High", "3 - Average", "4- Low" and i want to change it to "1-Critical", "2-High", "3-Average", "4-Low"  and does it effects other functioning modules  

  • Hi, Can you please share if your issue is resolved ? If yes then you can post the answer here, it ll help others too. If not then you can log a case with HP Software support or Professional Services for customization requests.

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