(SM) Support Tip: How to create a Knowledge Document using a PDF

As of late I've found myself explaining how to use the External Document Type when creating Knowledge Documents with files such as PDF or Microsoft Word. Therefore, I felt writing this SM Tip might come in handy to new Service Manager Admins and Users.

The External Document Type should be used when you want to use the actual external file (such as a PDF or Word document) as the Knowledge Document itself. Below are the steps to create a Knowledge Document using a PDF. These same steps can be used when the external file is Word, Excel, or any valid file. However, PDF is the most common and platform agnostic

1. Login to Service Manager
2. Knowledge Management > Contribute Knowledge
3. Choose ‘External’
4. Give the Knowledge Document a Title and a Summary
5. In the External Document Upload tab upload the PDF (or Microsoft Word Document)
6. In the Categorization tab choose where the Knowledge Document will be assigned
7. Publish
8. The document will be indexed
9. When viewing the document the PDF becomes the knowledge document for the end user