Auto Populate the Host Name/IP Of Client machine on SRC

Hello All,

We have a SRC Portal configured in our environment with HPSM 9.41 on Windows with Tomcat as a web server.

We have a Catalog item (USB Access) user can  request from the SRC Portal. Now we provied a free text box where user will enter thier hostname on which they need USB Access. Now customer is asking to Auto Populate the Hostname field with user's machine's MAC/IP on SRC when user click on USB Access item.

I tried to get the Hostname(IP) of client machine within SM (Both Web and Windwos) and it is working as expected. But not able to get data on SRC Portal.

Please help me to get Hostname of client machine on SRC Portal's Field. is there any possiblities? Please lt me know.





  • Hi Sachin,

    Hope you are doing fine.

    Until I know there is not such documentation to populate the hostname in SRC, my suggestion is to check the guides from SRC for any clue or contact R&D for details about it.

  • As in SM 9.41, I haven't found a way to include variables as a default value for user options. Only workaround I know is to use dynamic field validation with "Record in table", and make sure the query retrieves only one record from that table.

    So basically, to make that work, you should write hostname and IP to a custom table (with a username) and then pick that information to SRC elements by forcing user to choose only one option.

    For example, table would have two entries per login, such as:

    username1 - ip -

    username1 - hostname -

    The problem is to find the latest entry as the table contains eventually several entries from a single user, but I guess this approach is quite tricky even without such issues!

    Unfortunately I can't come up with an easier way.

  • I have not done this in the SRC client, but I have often pre-populated user options on catalog screens. Try manipulating vars.$L_file.options in the JavaScript of the svcCat.display.item displayscreen.

  • Thank you all for your inputs. Sorry for the delayed response here.
    Yes, I have managed to convince my customer with this feasibility/limitation and given a solution in a different way.
    Loaded all required Active Directory data into one of the SM custom table using scheduled CIT scenario. I have Written a query for perticular SRC dynamic filed to fetch data from the custom table.

    Solution accepted!Blush