(SM) Support Tip: How to determine the exact version of Smart Analytics installed

When Smart Analytics 9.5x is installed to work with Service Manager 9.5x the ability to confirm the exact version of the Smart Analytics installation is achieved via these steps:

1. Go to where Smart Analytics is installed
2. Open the version.txt file.
3. Inside version.txt the following is displayed:


However, Smart Analytics 9.4x for Service Manager 9.4x is not as detailed. The <SA>\version.txt shows only the IDOL version and not the Smart Analytics version:


This can be problematic when there is a patched version of Smart Analytics installed. . For example, there exists a Smart Analytics 9.41P4 and once installed there doesn't appear to be an easy way to determine which version actually is running (i.e. the P4 version or the previous.)

The following steps below will assist in determining the EXACT Smart Analytics version for 9.41 Smart Analytics installs:

1. Go to where Smart Anayltics is installed

2. At the root of the Smart Analytics directory find the file where the name start with prefix “regid” and the suffix “swidtag” (Example: regid.2014-10.com.hp,SPM_9d06f260-1f1b-11b2-9f9e-ea6d27b33f28.swidtag)
   a . NOTE If Smart Analytics has been upgraded there will be multiple “swidtag” files. In these steps choose the most recent one.

3. Edit regid .<unique identifier/name>.swidtag

4. Locate the element  “<swid:name id="version_name">***</swid:name>”
   a. Example: <swid:name id="version_name">9.41.4005.0</swid:name>

5. The value in it is the exact version of Smart Analytics