(SM) Support Tip: SMAX - User avatar is a broken link following install from clone

When an SMAX system is restored/installed from a clone instance the user avatar is missing. In its place is a broken link.  This problem comes about when any new system is installed the default icon for users is generated and it has a unique file name to any particular system.  The name of the icon is actually stored in the person records in the entities_10000002 table, however because this is a restore the person record is pointing to the old icon not to the generated one.

The following workaround will resolve the problem:

1. Locate a user who has the correct icon (Note: This may mean creating a new user to get the icon name.)
2. Go into the database and find the user. Run "select schar0,schar1,schar2,schar3,schar4,schar9,schar16,schar23 from entities_100000002 where entity_type_id = 136"
3. This query will return the user data - notice schar4 field contains the file name of the icon the user is using.
4. Copy the name of the correctly working user stored in schar4 (in this example it's "8aa035fa-c689-4af3-a2b1-ae702da5fc6")
5. Use one of the test users and run the update entities_100000002 set schar4 = '8aa035fa-c689-4af3-a2b1-ae702da5fc65' where entity_type_id = 136 and schar0 = 'the_user'

Alternatively, another option for Step 5 above is to clear the schar4 field entirely for the user and then default to the no_user_icon.png icon.