(SM) Support Tip: How to change the location of SOLR's webdav.log.

Out of the box the location of the Knowledge Management's SOLR Seach Engine webdav.log defaults to a 'tmp' directory that is outside of the SOLR directory structure. The file path can be changed using the following steps:

1. Go to  <SOLR>\tomcat\webapps\KMWebDav\WEB-INF\classes
2. Make a backup of log4j.xml and then edit the active log4j.xml
3. Locate the following line:

<param name="File" value="/tmp/webdav.log"/>

4. Update the value to the desired path (example):

<param name="File" value="e:/temp/webdav.log"/>

5. Save log4j.xml
6. Stop and restart SOLR.