(SM) Support Tip: Attachments with filenames greater than 60 characters will fail to index

There may be times when an attachment has a very long file name. This could be a pdf or a Microsoft Word document. When this attachment is indexed by Knowledge Management for Smart Analytics/IDOL these attachments will fail with the following errors seen in the sm.log file. Example below:

RTE I sqlserver: Length (88 bytes) of data for field filename in kmattachmenttoken exceeds max (60 bytes), truncated

Currently the field 'filename', located in the kmattachmenttoken dbdict is varchar(60). This field can be lengthened to varchar(256) thus solving the problem.


  • Hi

    How this table is used in SM ?

    Can you explain shortly, because it looks like a feature my customer would like to have :

    to be able to create a attachment that returns a token, an the token can be used in several documents.


    I will appreciated if you can clarify the utility of this table in SM

    Thank you