(SM) Support Tip: Smart Search Hitlist shows no records having been indexed for KnownError_Library

This is more of a "Public Service Announcement" than a "Tip", but I wanted you to know that incremental indexing of the KnownError_Library fails to update search. WIthin the Knowledge Management Smart Search Configuration the number of documents indexed is correctly reflected. However, a true search of KnownError does not indicate any records have been indexed. The hitlist count is always '0'

This is a known problem and is resolved in Service Manager 9.50. A 9.41 hotfix is available. Please contact Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Technical Support and ask for Hotfix QCCR1E132565_SM941.  You need to be on Service Manager 9.41 using Smart Search with IDOL for this Hotfix. If you're using SOLR it does not apply. Once you get the hotfix load it into Service Manager and then run a Full Index on KnownError_Library.

If you're unsure of what to do open a support ticket so the assigned engineer can assist you.