Fill one row result in list form

Hi All,

If you use the fill button and it results more item, they are placed in a search form, let's say defined by "$" variable. When it results only one item, it is placed to the target field directly where the fill called from.

Our customer has a requirement for the following funtionality:

When the fill results only one item it must be placed in a search form like the more results things.

Is it possible to achieve?

  • Hi,

    Actually what you are saying is how Service manager works as design, the fill option is not able to open a full window for one record, but you can check the global list and format control for the fill button.

    Fill function

    The Fill function allows you to create or update a record quickly. When you click the Fill icon next to an empty field or a field that contains partially-keyed leading information, HPE Service Manager identifies the applicable related record and adds the related information to the field. For example, if you type Br in a name field and click the Fillicon, HPE Service Manager identifies records with last names that begin with "Br,"such as the record for Nicholas Brown, along with any assets that are linked to this contact record.

  • Actually the question was related to the search result.

    Our customer requirement is that when the search result is one item it must be placed in a one-item-list like when the result is more item. By default when the result is one item it is placed to the target field.