Interesting behaviour in user role of users

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In SM 9.40 users with "WPchange IM PM approver" user role is able to edit the fields like Resolution component(Cause CI) ,Resolution sub component(Cause CI subcomponent) and frequency in Incident Management in the close phase. Where the user with admin(system administrator) user role is not able to do so.


Can anyone tell me where we have defined the condition for this scenario.


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Sandhu Mol

  • Hi,

    I would start checking the operator profile and compare with falcon, in general, application profiles, user rol, startup tab, groups tab, etc because that doesn't make sence or compare with an user who can modify those fields and check properties.

  • You need to check, process related fields can have read only conditions based on several items (user role, capabilities, specific attributes inside profile, etc) and not always falcon or sysadmin is able to perform process related activities.
    To understand what is the specific grant you need, you have to check the items bellow:
    1:  field restriction, if action buttons (save, resolve,close,etc) appears... you can check the condition at format.
    2: display screen, if whole form is read only - you can check display screen associated.
    3: display condition on phase - if whole form is read only and if you use process design. 

  • Verified Answer

    Thank you both for the replay..


    I have checked the incident profile for both of the user role.

    A checkbox named "Update when closed" was checked for incident manager (WPchange IM PM approver) and unchecked for sysadmin. This was the cause of the issue.


    Issue resolved..