Not able to search with Press Model

Hi Experts,


I have added Press Model field in the IR key list of Configuration search form.

And when I searched with T200, SM showed the attached message.

Can anyone tell me the reason?


Thanks & Regards,

Sandhu Mol

  • The IR is smart enough to identify terms that are not significant in search and it disconsider it.
    It's what happened, the engine didn't consider the term T200 a good filter because it appeared so many times that the retrieve by T200 is not meaningfull. It's like use keyword failure when searching incidents. Even when works, it returns only first X (you can set it by parameter) records.

    You should use IR for text, really text fields like description, resolution, etc indexing.. not for regular character fields, varchar(60). For most scenarios the simple text search is better, indexed if possible. 

    If you are sure IR is what you need, you may find usefull review all Help Contents, you can tune the engine to fit your requirements to force, among other things, the index of T200.

    You also need to have in mind is that IR is a bit problematic when dealing with millions of records. Expect problems, IR corruption, etc. and don't forget to reevaluate your sharedmemory.