choose values from category dropdown and point to particular notebook tab

Hi Experts,

I have requirement like,

Currently, category is a drop down in Subform of Incident Management.,

Install Details is a notebook tab.  similarly, have other notebook tabs too.  

Now requirement is like, When choosing the category as Install, default to the “Install Details” tab.

Is there any way to slove this.

Appreciate anyone's thoughts or suggestions

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  • Do you want to set the cursor to the "Install Tab" or do you want to make the "Install Tab" visible when a specific category is selected?

    You can use function to set the cursor. For more information on the syntax please check Helpserver.

    For the setting of the visibility of a tab, use the "visible condition" in format designer. Examples can be found in format "dep.g".


  • Hi ,

    how it is working is, if i select "install", by default "Attachments" tab is expanded.

    I need to do something like: i if user select Ticket Category as "install",  then by default "Install issue details" tab to be expanded.

    Any suggestions??

    Thanks in advance.



  • You can use "Data changed Event" for setting the cursor.

    format contacts.g
    Tab "Business": field "User Type" (user.type) is a pull-down field with valuelist

    If you now want to set the cursor to a Tabbed Notebook, you need to set the cursor to a filed on that tab. I choose for example the tabs "Address", "Contact Numbers", "Misc" in SM9.40 OOB format contacts.g

    The neccessary modifications are:

    1) Set "Data Changed Event" for input field "User Type" (user.type)
    to 250 if this is a free GUI number for this
    see screenshot

    2) create a new displayoption , in my example  contacts.view_setCursor with
    GUI Option 250
    See screenshot.

    Pre RAD Expressions:
    if (user.type in $L.file="site") then"location")
    if (user.type in $L.file="home") then"")
    if (user.type in $L.file="mobile") then"aristocratic.title")

    3) test the functionality.
    Select one contact record.
    Set the User type to "site" and the cursor should be set to the first tab "Address" to field "Location".

    Set the User type to "home" and the cursor should be set to the second tab "Contact Numbers" to field "Work".

    Set the User type to "mobile" and the cursor should be set to the third tab "Misc" to field "Aristocratic Title".

  • Hi Heike,

    Thank you for your response.

    I have tried with your reply but now also it is not working as expected and one thing the "Install Issue Details" tab is a noteook tab and it is visible only after the Category is selected as "Install" or "Upgrades" but for the attachment Tab there we didn't have any visible condition and if an incident is open,the attachment tab  came as default tab.Please find the attcahment.

    With your reply I have tried to create a new display option and Set the "Data Changed Event" for input field "category" with tha same GUI number and I have set the conditions in the PRERAD and the conditions are below:

    if (category in $L.file="install") then"IssueOpenDate")
    if (category in $L.file="upgrades") then"IssueOpenDate").

    "IssueOpenDate" is the field name in the "Install Issue Details" tab. 

    Still it is not working.

    Is the way i am doing is corect or not?

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  • Hello Sandhu,

    you're trying to set the cursor to field "IssueOpenDate".

    On which tabbed notebook is this field located? Is this really a fieldname ?

    I see that on your tab "Install Issue Details" there is not "input" field where the cursor can be set to.

    You cannot set the cursor to the caption of a tabbed notebook. The cursor can be set to a input field name with the function "".

    If you need further help with this, please open a support case.



  • Hi,

    "IssueOpenDate" is the input field located on the tab  "Install Issue Details".

    I am attaching the screenshot of the install issue tab details with this reply.

    Thanks & Regards,