Regarding Removing button in Press form

Hi Experts,


I am using SM-9.40.

My requirement is to remove an already existing button in the form WPPressConfigurationItem.

Button caption is "Click here to see Related Changes, Incidents and Problems" and ID is 415.

When we click on the button, fields like $L.incident.count, $L.problem.count, $L.knownerror.count, $ChangeReasonCount.SA.SB and $L.change.count are displayed and the corresponding values also get filled.


Could you please help me to resolve this issue.


Any Suggestions are appreciated.


Thanks & Regards,

Sandhu Mol

  • Hi Experts,


    Is it possible to call a process from format control.


    In the above requirement incident.count and problem.count fields are getting filled because of the process am.calculate.related which is invoked , when the button is clicked.

    I am planning to implement this process in format control. So that I can directly remove the button from the form.


    Could you please help me to implement this.


    Any Suggestions are appreciated.


    Thanks & Regards,

    Sandhu Mol

  • Disabling a button is easiest (if not controled via a profile) to do in the DisplayOption record. Just update the "user condition" field to say either a plain:


    or a more delicate:


    device.type in $L.filed="SomeDevice"


    As to doing this in FC: yes it can be done, but should ideally be pushed into the Process chain (DocEng). It does come at a price (performance), which I believe is the main reason to put this behind a button and not to it on load/display.

    If you want to always do it, consider calling this process as the Initialization Process mentioned in the "State" record.

  • Hi,

    For the above requirement what I am now trying to implement is.

    Below mentioned are the fields displaying while clicking on the button.

    $L.incident.count, $L.problem.count, $L.knownerror.count, $ChangeReasonCount.SA.SB.

    $ChangeReasonCount.SA.SB is implimented through script library (ConfigurationManagement_ChangeCount) in the process (am.calculate.related) .

    I am able to call that script from format control (wppressconfigurationitem). So now I am planning to create scripts for the remaining three fields.

    For the field $L.incident.count below mentioned is the script:

    function changeCount_incidentcount(press){

    var probsummaryFile= new SCFile("probsummary");

    var query ="incident.status=\"Open\" and\"" press "\"";

    var rc = probsummaryFile.doCount(query);

    //print(query );


    return rc;


    Format control : $L.incident.count=jscall("ConfigurationManagement_ChangeCount.changeCount_incidentcount", in $file) is the calculation and add, update, delete fields are set to true.

    But still the value is not showing in the field except for $ChangeReasonCount.SA.SB.

    Any Suggestions are appreciated. 

    Thanks & Regards,

    Sandhu Mol