How to set session out time for a user in SM

Hi Experts,

Our requirement is to make a person's  account in SM to automatically log out after 16 minutes.

Currently we have two options in SM.

One is the user will automatically logged out after 30 minutes.

Other one is we can add his name under start inactivity timer option and the user will be able to stay in SM until he clicks on the log out option.

Is there any way to achieve the above request.

Any Suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

Sandhu Mol

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  • No, the inactive time is only inside HPSM.

    Your Client/WebClient sends a message to hpsm every N seconds. The session-timeout in web.xml defines for how long your web session will be keep alive without a communication from the client.  In other words, the session-timeout set's how long it'll take to notice that the user is not using HPSM anymore, like when the user closes the browser without make the logoff. 

    As Jass1 posted, on 9.41 the operator level inactive is available so this is your solution.



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