Need to suppress the update pop up

Hi Experts,


I am using SM-9.40.

While making any changes in incident open and close forms, it is asking for an update.

My requirement is to suppress the pop up message asking for update while editing a textbox and a checkbox.

Could you please help me to resolve this issue.


Any Suggestions are appreciated.


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Sandhu Mol

  • Verified Answer

    The validation to see if an update is required, is managed by the Object definition. This is kind of an "all or nothing", but there are some workaround options.

    To start with the mechanism: The Object defines whether or not an update needs to be provided IF there is no activityaction that triggered on the update (red circle):


     You could opt to uncheck this checkbox, and write your own validation for Incidents, only requiring some information in $pmc.actions under certain conditions.


    you could define an activityaction for incidents, that creates an update with something like "Ticket Updated" under the conditions you don't want the validation to happen.

    In this example, the system will generate an activity with the title "Regular Updates" and the body text (array) as stated at the end, if there is no update provided AND some checkbox value has changed. You would need to positively identify all updates that qualify and but them in the brackets with an OR statement.

    For instance:

    null($pmc.actions) and (custom.checkbox in $L.file~=custom.checkbox in $L.file/save or random.value in $L.file~=random.value in $ or problem.candidate in $L.file~=problem.candidate in $

    Hope this helps!

  • Your second suggestion worked.

    I gave appropriate conditions in the activity action, now the particular update popup is not showing for the fields which I mentioned.


    Thank you for your valuable replay.