IR Key search not working

Hi Experts,


My requirement is to provide Text" search function in Configuration Management Search form. So I have added the below mentioned fields in IR Key(dbdict: device).And restarted SM. But the search is not working as expected.

For example if I  give the word  "Bundle" and searched, it will show all the records with wherever these word is mentioned. But if I searched like bund*  or *ndle, it is not working.

Cloud you please help me resolve it.


Thanks in advance..


Sandhu Mol



  • Hi Sandhu,

    When you add the field in the IR Key HPSM starts to use the IR Expert to search records, you can find more about it on the online help bellow. Unfurtonatelly you can't use * and expects that it works :).

    You can try to configure the stem dictionary (the help has an example) for the cases you already identified... sincerelly I think it's a wast of time and energy.|Database%20Administration|Data%20persistence|IR%20Expert|_____0


    I'm wondering what kind of text search would you like to have on device table... With a clear vision about your requirement someone might come with a better idea....

    Wish you luck!