How to find out from where the given msg is invoked.

Hi Experts,


Could you please tell me from where the below message is getting invoked.

Msg : Required select on file %S found no records.

ID : 1730


Thanks & Regrds,

Sandhu Mol

  • Hi,

    This is usually triggered when a query in the Queries section of the formatctrl has a 'Required Query?' condition that evaluates to true and that query returns no records.


  • Thank you for the replay. It helped me.


    Could you please tell me how the particular message and this fc query are linked. Because I couldn't see any connection between these two in the query tab of fc.


    I am planning to change the message showing as part of this query. So just I want to confirm whether that particular message is getting invoked for any other query condition.


    Thanks & Regards,

    Sandhu Mol

  • I suggest you to create a new, customized scmessage record for your new message.
    Reason: if you change an Out-of-the-box (OOB) scmessage record, it will popup as conflict with next upgrade.
    - customized scmessage records will not get touched with the next upgrade
    - it doesn't matter if the message is used anywhere else in the product

  • Thank you for your valuable replay.

    Could you tell me one more thing ?

    How I can relate the newly creating scmessage with the query present in my FC.


    I couldn't identify how the scmessage and the highlighted query is linked.

    Thanks in Advance...


    Sandhu Mol

  • Verified Answer

    What's the name of the formatcontrol record you show in the screenshot ?
    I see that Filename "configuration" is used. In my SM9.52 OOB system "configuration" is no valid filename.

    If you want to influence the scmessage record used for a message sent out by formatcontrol Query, please check the OOB settings in formatcontrol "probsummary" . Message for the third line is :
    "" scmsg(1002, "fc", { in $file})
    It appends the message from scmessage record with Class=fc and Message Number=1002
    See screenshot.

  • Hi,

    I agree that you should not change this OOB scmessage.

    I did an *afindall and in my SM version it returned a list showing 3 ScriptLibrary, 3 formatctrl, and 1 application that invoke this message using this type of expression. As you can see in the probsummary formatctrl, the expression passes the fieldname into the scmessage.  This scmessage is also used to produce a similar message for files other than the probsummary and fields other than logical name.