User is not able to edit the dashboard that he owns

Hi Experts,


The owner of the dashboard "1810 Gold release Components (Closed)" is not able to edit its properties like query, chart properties etc.

Every fields in the dashboard is read-only for him.

I have attached the screenshot of the permission of the above dashboard.

Could you please help me to resolve this issue.


Thanks in Advance…



Sandhu Mol

  • Hello Sandhu 

    Hope you are doing well and thanks for contacting us. 

    I have a question about this, does it only happen yo that operator(user) and that specific dashboard, or does it happen to everyone and any dashboard.

    We will be pending.


  • Hi,


    Thanks for your replay.

    Currently only one user has reported this issue.

    We are investigating on this to check whether any other user is facing the same kind of issue.


    Thanks & Regards,

    Sandhu Mol

  • Hi,

    which exact SM version is this ?

    Codeless / hybrid SM ? Any Process Designer Content Packs installed for old SM 9.4x?

    I checked SM9.41 and SM9.52 and could not find the same format as you have in your screenshot.

    Your screenshots shows as owner "". Is this the userid of the operator ? 

    Does this operator have the right to create and modify user favorites (capability word user.favorites) ? 


    Owner and Audience are two differnt things. See helpserver :

    Public and private favorites

    Any user can create private favorites (such as common queries and frequently used forms) for their own use if their profile contains the user.favorites capability word. A named user who has the public.favorites capability word in their profile can share their private favorites and dashboards with other users. Only the owner of a favorite or a system administrator can modify the favorite properties.

    The public.favorites capability word is only for administrators to create and modify shared favorites. An administrator can create a favorite for an individual user, user groups, or the entire user community, and then specify one or more content owners. A designated content owner cannot remove the favorite folder, but they can define or modify subordinate folders or dashboards.
    System Navigator - System Administration - Base System Configuration - Miscellaneous - Views/Favorites
    Help on field
    tab "Ownership" - field "Manager" (inbox.manager) :

    The person who owns the favorite.

    The favorite owner originally is the operator who created the favorite.

    The favorite owner is the only operator, except for system administrators who has permission to change the favorite definition (including ownership).

  • Hi,


    Thanks for your replay.

    It really helped us.


    Could you help me to find a solution for the below scenario:


    One user is creating a dashboard and he is changing the owner name to someone else.

    In this case the second person will not be able to edit the dashboard properties.

    Could you tell me how we can give the entire control of that dashboard to the second person.


    Thanks in Advance…



    Sandhu Mol

  • Hi Sandhu,

    What capabilites does the second operator have ? Can he modify other inboxes ? 

    If this inbox is a private inbox, he needs to have capability "user.favorites" .

    if this inbox is a publix inbox, he needs to have capability "public.favorites" .

    And it might depends on the Role setting for the module the dashboard is created for (e.g. Incidents). 

    But that depends on your SM version /contentpack . I do not yet know your current used version.

    Best regards,


  • Hi,


    I am using SM 9.40 version.Both the owner and other person that I have mention are having two different user roles.

    And both the user roles have only user.favorites as capability word. So as you suggested I have changes the capability word in latest owner to public.favorites.

    But still all the fields in dashboard properties are readonly (not able to edit)

    Please find the attched image of permission for the current owner.


    Could you please suggest me a sloution.


    Thanks & Regards,

    Sandhu Mol