How to change the name

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Please find the attached image.

Could anyone please tell me how to change the name that appears while searching in a form.


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  • The value of the "name" of a tab is $L.title. This can be set in many places, usually most easily in the displayscreen. However, in this case, it looks like that's a custom table, so you may want to add an scmessage record for your table. This scmessage record should have class="tablename","name of your actual custom dbdict", severity=1, message="user-friendly name/caption of your dbdict".

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    I tried by adding a scmessage as you suggested. But the title remained the same as I attached in the previous post.

    Also I have searched in displayscreen but I couldn't find any.

    So can you please tell from where exactly this default value is coming.


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    Sandhu Mol

  • If you view that same screen in the thick client, down in the bottom-right of the client will be the form name and the displayscreen name; it will look like this: myGroups.g( or something similiar. The part inside the paratheses is the displayscreen. So, if you go to that displayscreen, in the Initializations tab you can say something like this:

    $L.title="Whatever You Want It To Say"

    Now, you should be cautious doing this for two reasons:

    1: You may be going down a rabbit hole with modifying displayscreens. That is, you may have to edit multiple displayscreen records (, db.view, etc., etc.) to catch everywhere that you want to change this title. You will have to remember these edits when it's time to upgrade.

    2: You probably will not want the title to always say this. You'll only want it to say this when doing things with your custom table. So, to handle this, you should make the condition more like this:

    if (filename($L.file)="yourTableName") then ($L.title="Whatever You Want It To Say")


    All this being said, it is preferable to not go around editing a bunch of displayscreen records. The scmessage record which you added to caption your table, does it look like the attached image?

  • Verified Answer

    Thanks for the replays...

    It worked.. I have added the below condition to the and db.view displayscreens as you suggested.

    if ($L.format="form name") then ($L.title="Title you want to see")


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    Sandhu Mol