How to display IM's based on number in search form

Hi Experts,


Recently the incident numbers in incident management module has crossed 1 lakh.

So the incidents after 1 lakh is not coming at the first page of the IM search form.

So we have changed the below condition in (Final Expressions) process.


Old condition : $L.void1=setsort($L.file, {"number"}, 1)


Current Condition : $L.void1=setsort($L.file, {"open.time"}, 1)


So currently the incidents are displaying based on the open time, so for the IM's created through import descriptor may have the open time lesser than manually generated incidents.


For example IM101649(Manually created) is having open time 3/27/2019 15:01:19 and the IM101650 created through importdescriptor is having open time 3/27/2019 15:01:01.




Since the search form view is showing based on open time IM101650 will come below IM101649.


Could you please help me to reslove the issue.


Thanks & Regards,

Sandhu Mol

  • Hello,

    In More Option there is an option "Custom Sort". In this view you use for example: Incident ID to organize your record list.

  • If I understood correctly, the problem is that before u had a IM number composed of IM 6 digits and now u have it compose by IM 7digits and this really mess everything... there is no easy way to fix it; u can either adjust all incs and related data (relation, attachments, etc) adding the 0 to the left on all records before 1M or fix this bad design of use open.time not as open time, u can use adjusted open time for that or create a custom field.

    Good luck!
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your replay.

    I have tried by giving incident id in custom sort. But it is not working(attcahed image).


    Actually it should show from the latest record and it is IM101907.
    As incident number is varchar field it is not sorting the no:s.

    Is there any way to sort varchar fileds based on the incident no:s:


    Sandhu Mol