How to increse the size of workflow diagram in change management.

Hi Experts,


I want to increase the size of workflow diagram in change management.

But it is not reflecting in the front end. I have tried by restarting. But still the same.

Could you please help me to resolve this issue.


Thanks & Regards,

Sandhu Mol

  • You need first to check the correct format name used for your change. 

    Easiest way to find out the format name is to use Windows Client and access the Change. 

    On the bottom right of the window you'll see the format name. 

    Open that format with forms designer and check the subformat used for tabbed notebook "workflow". 

    In SM9.62 OOB I used C10004 as example:
    format used to display the change: chm.standard.registration
    subformat for workflow:                      chm.cm3r.sub.workflow.g

    In this subformat I tried to modify the Height of "Workflow Viewer"  and that worked after saving the format. When the format is saved, select the Change in Web client again and check the tabbed notebook "Workflow". The size will be different. Have a look at my screenshots.


  • One additional note: different change categories use different formats usually. But for the subformats often the same subformat is used. Customers might use customized formats as well. 

    That's the reason why you need to check your own Change Formats.

  • Hi Heike,

    I have increased height in below form. Screen shot shows the same.


    Screen shot of cm3r.sub.workflow.g


    This didn't increase size of workflow.

    How to increase size of cm3r.sub.workflow.g


    Thanks in advance.