Not able to search using title in incident management

Hi Experts,

As part of a requirement I have removed the description field from IR key in probsummary table.

And I have done the regeneration also.

Then I tried to search by giving some data in title field and the result showed there is no incident with that. But It was there. This title is an IR key also.

Anybody please help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks & Regards,
Sandhu Mol


  • Any suggestion for solving this issue.


    Thanks & Regards,

    Sandhu Mol


    Are you using IR Asynchronous mode?  ( check your sm.cfg file for sm -que:ir )

    If you are then when you do a IR regen the incident records are written to the irqueue file and processed in the background, so even though the 'regen' finished, it is not really complete until all of the irqueue records are processed.  Depending upon the size of the table this might take some time.

    You can see how many records are in the irqueue by searching the table using DB manager.

  • Thank you for the replay.


    I have removed both title and description from the IR key list and regenerated.

    And now it is working as I have explained above.

    But when I tried to search by filling the description field, it showed like searching for a long time and SM got automatically logged out.

    Could you please help me to resolve this ?


    Thanks & Regards,

    Sandhu Mol