Operator Form conflict

Hello Team,

I created a form called "password.reset.g" and linked it to table operator.

Now, whenever I access this password.reset.g form from db manager to search a user. It shows me the default Operator Search Form. I want to see my newly created form and not the default Operator form.

I have very limited fields in my password.reset.g form. Same should be visible to user.

How to achieve this?


Thanks in advance.


  • To change the search format, you need to change it at:

    db -> Object -> operator -> search -> "Search Configuration" tab -> Modify Configuration -> change the search format to password.reset.g


    Hope it helps,


  • Hello Ling-Yan,

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    However, my requirement is a set of users (admin) should be able to search using advFind.search.operator and others should be able to use password.reset.g only.

    Reason, I am calling this form on menu and the users should have limited visibility on form unlike all the fields visible in advFind.search.operator.

    Thanks and regards,


  • Try modifying the I/O field on the display screen.  Use a variable and set it in the Initial Expressions section.

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