update operator record using connect it

Hello Experts,

we have scenarios to create contact and operator(pull from AD). we have a challenge. once the employee moved from contract to onroll(contract to permanent), user is getting new employee id(which is used as operator) but same contact(with same full name) and email id.

how can we acheive to update the employee number(operator) in operator record(nee employee should be replaced with old employee number) and it should also update the same in contact record(service manager id).

Cany suggestion please.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Did you have a resolution for this? i'm also having this challenge of Operator ID changing but same Contact records.

  • You can use the PifNewQueryFromFmtName function in CIT to check if the record already exists in Service Manager or not , and then define the Add/Update accordingly.

    Below is the sample code

    Dim tmpStr As String
    Dim hQuery As long
    Dim retCode As long
    tmpStr = LCase([organizationalPerson.samAccountName])
    hQuery = PifNewQueryFromFmtName("ServiceCenter", "operator", "name = " & chr(34) & tmpStr & chr(34))
    '---- Perform the query and returns 0 if there is 1 or more row returned
    retCode = PifQueryNext(hQuery)
    If retCode = 0 Then
    End If
    RetVal = tmpStr