Change get a new number on change category action

hi all,

We have some incidents where users said that some changes have dissapear.

We have checked that they have not dissapear, they have changed their number. We have talked with some users and they say that this have been produced in the action "Change Category" but we are not able to reproduce it.

Anyone have more information about this issue? I have search but i have not found anything more related to the issue.


  • It could be something to do with locks. Let's say, the user has a lock to certain Change record and he tries to alter the category. I have a hunch that this has happened to us as well, but not with a current (SM 9.41) version.

    So I'd check that the locking rules are (check cm3r object record) and are those who reported the issue the ones having the right to lock the record for themselves? Or try to reproduce the issue by locking the record and then trying the Change Category action with another user.