Pasting Rich Text...

OVSD 4.5 SP13, Oracle 9i Database
We have created a diary function in Service Calls which moves the data from the Information field into the 64K field with a time stamp.
The problem we're having is when a person pastes rich text with special characters into the Information field. It looks okay in the Information field, but when OVSD moves it to the 64K field it turns it all into HEX.

I've attached an example e-mail which is pasted into the Information field and the results of the move to the 64K field.

Any help would be great!

Thanks, Ryan
  • Hello Ryan,

    I know that it doesn't help you but this doesn't happen on SP19 using MS SQL but I think that we can pinpoint the cause.

    If you can spare two custom text fields do the following:

    Create a UI rule, when information is changed to copy it's contents to the first custom field

    Then create a second rule (db rule this time) that when information is changed, copy it's contents to the second custom field.

    Then open a service call and copy the contents of the email to information. Save and close. Wait a while (to be sure that the db rule is executed) and then open it again.

    If both appear ok (though I don't think that will be the case) then the problem lays with the rule used for concatenation. If both appear as hex numbers then oracle doesn't likes the characters SD tries to pass it and encodes them end SD doesn't understand the encoding.

    If the first appeares OK and the second as hex numbers do another step. Make a third rule to copy the values of the first field to the information diary. Probably it won't solve the problem, but there is nothing to loose.
  • Actually your suggestion made me try something. Our Development is OVSD 4.5 SP13 with MSSQL 2000. This problem does NOT happen with MSSQL, only with Oracle. Very odd.

    Also done further testing. It's not the concatenate rule as this is a UI rule which fires so I can see it move the data over. The data is fine when it moves it over. When I hit save and refresh, then everything turns to HEX. So as soon as it hits the Oracle database, it is changed.

    Anyone else experience this with Oracle? Suggestions? Solutions?
  • Hi Ryan,

    Why dont you update to the latest version of java and then give a try.

    recently a similar behavior was observed with japanese characters but after upgrading to java1.4 (say around 4months back),the problem got resolved.

  • Actually the JRE I'm running is 1.5. The odd thing is that on the same machine it works for MSSQL, but doesn't work for Oracle.
  • Hi Ryan,

    can you try this option?

    paste the rich text into the notepad, copy again from the notepad and then try to paste the info in the information field and save. I am sure that this solution is not viable rather wanted to check the format that is being used in OVSD than that of Windows (notepad).


  • Using the notepad the same thing happens. Pasting into notepad and then copying all values from the notepad and pasting into OVSD. Everything turns to HEX.
  • hi Ryan,

    is it okay if you can try downgrading the java version. I strongly suspect something to do with the java but do not have sufficient info to prove the same.

  • Hello Ryan,

    You've said that the JRE I'm running is 1.5. This is unsupported for SP13. The only supported version above 1.4 is 1.4.2 on SP18 and SP19 (and on SP17 with an additional update).

    But since things works OK on MSSQL it seems that ORACLE encodes the string when storing it on the tables and SD is unable to decode the stored value.