HPSM - how to add custom view to ess portal - and how to show which requests user has approved

Hello experts,

I have a problem with adding custom view like "View Open Requests" to ess.do portal. I want to add view which would be "All Approved Requests".

Do you know is this possible? How can I create this report and add it to ess.do portal?

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  • What specific issue you have encountered? Have you created a view and just need to show "All approved request"? If only for that, you have to create a new view and have it query the "Approval" table, then just have query for those that are "approved"

    Have and Admin rights and do the following below. Hope this will help.

    db> inbox.view = create a new view or replicate an existing one and modify as needed.

    search for records in Approval table

    db(admin mode) > Approval> Approval status(approved)> then search>More(Save as View)

  • Hi ,

    I have created the view and that is not a problem, do you know how can I call that view from menu for ess users?

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