Internal Survey - disable - Do you want to register an interaction

Hello experts,
Do you know how can I disable this question in Internal Survey?

I don't need this kind of responses.
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  • Hello Dino,
    Hope you are doing well.

    I found a previous Support ticket asking for a very similar request.
    While checking it, I learned that the actual text can be changed since those are 'scmessages' when searching for class 'survey' and ID '112'.

    However, in order to delete a specific value, you will need to open a ER. Please check the following link to open it:

    ER Forum

    Hope this helps!




  • Verified Answer

    I have accomplished this very thing before, using strrep() in the SurveyInternal.view displayscreen to modify the contents of the $questions variable.

  • I have accomplished /disabled by removing references to  fucntion 'RegisterInteractionComponent' in script library 'SurveyDynamicFormComponent'

    /*var RegisterInteractionComponent = {


    // render: function(question, questionIndex){

    // var xml = '<select componentName="registerInteraction" id="" label="{{label}}" mandatory="false" mandatoryResult="false" style="radio" visible="true" visibleResult="true">{{value}}<option label="{{labelNormal}}">normal</option><option label="{{labelComplaint}}">complaint</option><option label="{{labelCompliment}}">compliment</option></select>'

    // var template = _.template(xml);

    // var _label = system.functions.scmsg('112','survey');


    // return template({

    // label : _.isNumber(questionIndex)? (questionIndex 1) '. ' _label : _label,

    // labelNormal : system.functions.scmsg('1121','survey'),

    // labelComplaint: system.functions.scmsg('1122','survey'),

    // labelCompliment: system.functions.scmsg('1123','survey'),

    // value: (_.isEmpty(question.value))? 'normal':question.value

    // });

    // },


    // getValue: function(svcSrcSurvey, xmlElement){

    // return xmlElement.getValue();

    // }


    //}; */

    Let me know if you have any questions or need any more information.



  • Exactly, how did you use the strrep()


  • Hi @AChandler 

    Thanks for your answer.

    I used your suggests, but SRC show me this option yet. 

    For SRC Should I used another set up???

  • this could be done by updating the scriptlibrary record "SurveyDynamicFormComponent" function "RegisterInteractionComponent"


    and if you look to change the behavior for each select you can do it thought script library "Survey_Internal" and the functions is "newSupportInteraction"