Configure buttons on ESS to be beneath header?

Hello experts,
Do you know how to change the position of buttons from bottom to upper part of the screen? Beneath the header?
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  • Hello Dino,
    Thanks for your question.

    Could you please elaborate on this?
    I am afraid the screenshoot you share is from a subform so I need to know how you got there in order to see the buttons you are mentioning.

    Jose L. Arias

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  • There are a couple/few different answers. Please see the attached screenshot.essButtons.png

     1: If you want the buttons to appear in the red area, you will have to edit the webtier files to place buttons/links there, set the visibility of the default buttons to 0 when the screen loads but still keep them there because your custom ones will have to simulate a click on the default buttons when the user clicks on your custom ones. This is probably not advisable, due to the headache involved with multiple screens, multiple buttons, etc., and of course webtier upgrades.

    2: If you want the buttons to appear in the yellow area, you can try to do Option 1 and very carefully place them there (and then deal with the cons involved in Option 1), or you can look at upgrading your webtier to v9.61, which supports buttons in the "tray". Without knowing what version your RTE/RAD is, it's difficult to make recommendations. If you're already on v9.61, you can just use the esstoolbarbutton web parameter. If you're not on v9.61 yet and it is unfeasible for you to move there, you could theoretically do some testing to see if the v9.61 webtier will work with your RTE/RAD without error.

    Essentially, trying to move the buttons around without using the esstoolbarbutton parameter on v9.61 is going to be a headache-ish process that probably does not offer good business value for the level of effort.

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    Thank you for your response,  it's the yellow part that I would like to enable to accommodate buttons.
    Our version is 9.52 so we can test v9.61 web tier for this, thank you for your info.
    Best regards,