Service Manager - custom Object - creating new record

Hello experts,
Because of business purposes we need to create new object which will my customer use for custom process that he has created.

Is it possible to call "" application to create new record in custom object?
I have created new WorkFlow with custom object table and there everything is OK, now I want to call category and create new record.

But I am having a problem with $L.object and $L.env variables.
Best regards,

  • Have you created the Object record for your new table?

    Use Database Manager and look for the table named Object.  Search for the record '"DEFAULT"'.

    Rename this record to the tablename for your custom object.  Be sure to add the record, as you can break stuff if you overwrite the DEFAULT.

    This Object record dictates a lot of the base functionality.  You can see fields for the Profile Application and Profile Variable.  The DEFAULT record uses a RAD called 'db.environment' with $L.env as the variable that populates when that RAD runs, but if you're building a new module with Process Designer, you may want to use 'secRoleBasedAccess' and create matching Security Areas/Security Roles for your new table.

    You can also see the fields for referencing the Category Table Name, the Phase Table Name, the field in the record that stores the 'Status', the fields the system will check for 'Assigned To' and 'Workgroup' fields for security (like, the Update: When Assigned or When Assigned to Workgroup options).  You also determine which States records to use when displaying your new table in the various record states (Open, Close, List, Default, etc) and the location of how the system knows which Workflow to use.  If you choose 'By Category', that means that you have a 'workflow' field in the table that stores the category information that determines which workflow is used for that category; if you choose Object, then a field becomes visible for you to relate the workflow to your new Object.

    There's a bunch of other stuff as well - how the record locks, whether you'll keep revisions, what variables should be treated like fields, references to the activity table, alerts, approvals, queues, Templates, notifications, search screens - basically the core of how an Object works is controlled through the Object record

    If you've never worked with this before, take a look at the OOB ones for probsummary and imCategory to give you a general idea.

    Again, the thing to watch out for is do NOT delete/overwrite the DEFAULT.  That DEFAULT one is the one the system uses for every table that doesn't have an Object record defined for it.  You will hose your system if you remove that.