Service Manager 9.50 - Request - Request Task QBE list problem

Hello experts,
We are having a problem with displaying a Request Task information on Request object, we have virtual join with Request Task and information like "Task No", "Category" is filled... but "Description" is empty, we have set up input "description, 1" or "description" and it's always empty.

There have been several restarts after this changes because this is a development server, but we have the same problem on a production server.

CA679E6B.PNGHas anyone met with this problem as we have?

  • Hello dfilipovic2,
    Hope you are doing well.

    Thank you for contacting Micro Focus Forum.

    Please confirm if you have done the regarding mapping of the fields in the link for Request. I think you could be missing this part. Also you can verify in Forms Designer if the field for Description has an accurate name.