Process Desinger - Request Management - Create New Task

Hello guys,

I want to create an action that will start create request task process.

I had an a idea to display form which corresponds to Create New Request Task form, but if that operator wants to continue process and work on that task he will need to go to menu and select that task.

Does anyone have idea how should I solve this problem?

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  • I read your text several times, but I didn't catch what you're trying to achieve. Are you creating some sort of wizard for creating tasks? Could you clarify the steps a bit - and what's your reasoning such a modification is needed?

  • Hello ,

    Two our customers are requesting the same thing.

    They want an ability to create new Request Task from Request if they are having more complex Request. So I can see logic behind it.

    We have predefined - automatic tasks but they requested ability to create new.

    I wanted to know if there is posibility to open a flow from Request Task (like on Change Task).

    I could solve it like wizard, that is first thought.

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  • Thanks, I understood it much better!

    What about tasks, are they a combination of automatically created tasks and new manually created ones or just manually created tasks?

  • Hi ,

    Currently, there are only manually created ones because the organization currently organization is not mature so they don't know everything in their services.

    But in future we will configure automatic tasks for them.

    So in future they will have hybrid mode, automatically created tasks and manually created tasks.

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  • Whoa...looked under a hood and adding new tasks to requests (by your own code) isn't a walk in park. Quite complicated.

    There seems to be

    • more tables involved than just the requestTask. Such as changeplan and ticketcontext which should be updated as well.
    • no docs describing what is the correct order of updating the tables mentioned and/or don't know what happens if either or both are not updated
    • no process code (like for opening requests) which could be called to handle all the nasty background operations

    The only solution I know for adding new tasks (when the request is already opened) is possible in the Request's Task Plan section, if user has the rights to update requests. It opens a Task planner. It's not editable, though.

    I'm sorry, but I can't help you more with this your mission. It's too demanding for my appetite, even I've tailored a lot our SM tool...