How to fill array variable with link

Hello experts,
Do you have an idea how can I fill array which is called in a wizard and it is a local variable I mean I have initiated by new Array();
I have constructed link like this:Capture.JPG

 But it's not working.

Expression is:
if ($fill.skip.master=true) then ($fill.skip=true;cleanup($fill.skip.master))
if null(cursor.line(1) in $L.dodaj.usluge) then ($query="device.type=\"bizservice\" and istatus=\"In Use\" and nara.flag=true")
if (not (null(cursor.line(1) in $L.dodaj.usluge))) then ($query=$query " and\"" cursor.line(1) in $L.dodaj.usluge "\"")

  • Hi dfilipovic2,

    I don't understand the meaning of the first row but most interesting part starts with line 2:

    if ($fill.skip.master=true) then ($fill.skip=true;cleanup($fill.skip.master))
    $query="device.type=\"bizservice\" and istatus=\"In Use\" and nara.flag=true"
    $L.fieldvalue=nullsub(cursor.field.contents(), "")
    if ($L.fieldvalue~="") then $query =(" and\"" $L.fieldvalue "\"")

    line 2: the general query - without any condition
    line 3: geht the text you typed already in
    line 4: add the query with the typed in part if there is something typed in (I always use the, not the logical name!)

    I can not test it at my machine, but I hope it works!


  • Verified Answer

    Hello ,
    I have solved the problem with the wizard where I select file directly and I fill file from the wizard.
    When I have used a field not variable everything is working properly.
    Best regards,

  • Hi Dino,

    using a wizard is a completely different approach, but if it works than it's great!

    Tayloring Service Manager is always a very demanding but creative process...

    Bo :-)