Set up $L.env for Custom Object

Hello experts,

I need an information about how to set up $L.env for Custom Object?
I have set up a custom object, which works when I use:
- Profile Application: db.environment
But when I put:
- Profile Application:secRoleBasedAccess
I can create a new record, and save it but the problem is with buttons which are not evaluated because $L.env variable is null.
I have set up a $L.env variable in Profile on Object record.

Best regards,

  • Hello Dino,
    Thanks for your question.

    I am afraid I will require screenshots or any other visual evidence of the procedure you are doing and also I need to know what exactly do you want to accomplish?
    Additionally, I will need to know your SM RTE and Application versions.

    Jose L. Arias

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  • Hello ,
    I am creating my own custom object (custom application) for telecommunication customer which needs to send the notification to their end users (not internal but external).
    - Change Management and Request Management is out of the option for this customization because Change Management is part of provisioning and would be hard to implement this kind of process in it.

    Custom Object is working:
    - Approvals are being generated
    - Process Designer is being called
    - I am using application for opening the object
    I will print the screen object and post it by the end of the day.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Dino,

    if you want to use secRoleBasedAccess for $L.env it's necessary to create

    • a Security Area (secArea), e.g. like Incident (Module is not required),
      Security Area_ Incident.png
    • some Security Roles (secRole) where you set the rights for the security area, e.g. like incident manager:
    • and you have to connet the object file table to the security area in Data Policy:
      Data Policy_ probsummary.png

    That's all, I hope! Maybe you have to update a global lists to get the new area offered in Data Policy...


  • Hello ,
    Thank you for your inputs, but I have already done that:
    - Created New Module
    - secRole
    - DataPolicy

    When I put db.enviorement I can see the buttons, I have put on "initialization" to print(system.vars.$L_env) but it's null.
    When I put "secRoleBasedAccess" I can't see the buttons because they are not evaluated correctly (because $L.env is null).
    Can you help me what is wrong?