HPSM v9.51 problem with languages - can not log in

Hello guys,

do you know what could be the problem, we can log in into HPSM system with English and German language but we can not log in with "Croatian" and "Macedonian".

We can not log into web client with basic users or with falcon user on windows client, when I try to log in into windows client with falcon and language croatian I get this error:


I can send an sm.log if needed.

Best regards,


  • What about web client or SRC client? Do they work? Did this behaviour start after some upgrade/environment change or came suddenly out of the blue?

    I assume you've developed Croatian and Macedonian language packs yourself, because they are not a part of official SM distribution package. So maybe the language packs are missing some translations? Just guessing...

    And of course, sm.log would be helpful.

  • Hi , yes we have created our packs for ess.do portal.

    Portal was active and we had experiance with previous customers and localization on Croatian.

    This was fresh install of HPSM v9.50, we didn't get any helpfull information from sm.log when we turned on debugging mode.

    Web application were not working.

    We had backup from that day earlier and we have restored backup and now it's working. We now edit form by form and after every save we check if we can log in into system.

    Best regards,