Exit current screen after wizard

Hello experts,

I have a problem how to exit current screen after wizard completes.

What I am doing:
1. Open Incident Record
2. Assing my user to Assignee
3. Press Display Option to open a wizard
4. I update something with wizard
5. Press "Finish" in wizard
6. I don't won't to open Incident recrod from step 1. but close this opened tab after wizard finishes

I have tried to use $L.exit but I failed, can you help me a bit?

Best regards,

  • Hello Dino

    Thanks for contacting us.

    could you please share with us if this is your wizard or one that its OOB, could you please send an unl of that wizard or share the name to see if we have the same behavior with it, some screenshots of the definition of the wizard will work to. one more thing. how do you have this screen set up(see the image attach) for your wizard?


    Will be pending on your comments



  • ,

    It is a custom wizard which we use to assign Incident from vendor to internal assignment group and I want when wizard is successful I mean agent which is currently logged will press "Finish" after assigning it to desiered group.
    After pressing "Finish" SM will open Incident form and I want that incident form to be closed automatically, I want to close that tab.
    Do you know how to do that?

    Best regards,
    Dino Filipović