how to send email notification throught HP SM when SD move to pending for customer

Dear team,


Please help me to below issue.

how to send an email notification through HP SM when SD move to pending for customer


  • Hi,

    You could create a rule and test this:
    If status.record is "Pending..." and status.record.old is not equal to status.record ---> Send the message html.

  • can you send me how to configure rule set?


  • Like this:



    Use the Rule type "Send a HTML email".



  • I'm not sure which SM version you use. I double checked SM9.52 . 


    How to access the Workflow for "SD" records and the corresponding rulesets:

    Login to Web Client SM
    Incident Management - Configuration - Workflows
    Select Workflow "Incident"
    Select the Phase "Categorization" for example
    Rule Sets - After successful update

    Here are already some example notification Rule Sets implemented in SM9.52:

    See Screenshot.

  • You got it.... The rule you are looking for is: "im.notification.pending".
    Clone an use as you want.

    PD. The versión of the picture is 9.62. The Rule Set environment does not change.
  • but our environment workflow not showing.

    SM old version 9.34.0032 cordless

    we have upgrade 9.52 hybrid so please provide the unl and what will be changed in sm.

    because of customer requirement.

    kindly provide the next action plan.

  • Hi,

    I think is not posible to upload a .unl in a older versión. Even more if is codeless version and the destiny is non-codeless.

    You could do this with a RAD functión in workflow or using a IU rule with the code.

    But I think in 9.34 the workflows alives and working. If not, you can use $L.file and $L.file.old.

  • Dear Team,

    we have done some changes and email received but HTML formate is received this below attached file  formate

    <html><table style="width: 98%;">



                                                    <td align="left" valign="top">

                                                                    <table style="width: 600px;">



                                                                                                                    <td valign="top">

                                                                                                                                    <table cellpadding="10" cellspacing="10" style="font-family: arial;" width="100%">





    please help to change this formate we want to below formate .


    Interaction incident has been closed.

    Dear Sir/Madam,


    incident     IM4335589 has been created


    incident details:

    Title: FileSystem space utilization for Logical Disk /finhdata12NM of type vxfs - Cri


    Area: OS                

    Subarea:   job failed                                      

    Priority: 3                  

    Status: Open              

    Open Time: 15/03/19 00:44:15  

    SLA Target Date:                    

    Assignment Group: INCSSP-BOIRRB-UX  


    FileSystem space utilization for Logical Disk /finhdata12NM of type vxfs - Critical threshold exceeded.        


    kindly provide the  help to change .





    html email
  • One possibility is that you are running both sm -emailout and also running scsmtp.

    Only emailout supports HTML emails, scsmtp does not so depending upon which one read from the eventout queue you would get random results.

    Check the sm.cfg file for sm -emailout and scsmtp, or if your are running the scautolistener.