web login page showing error (SCFile name smcconfig is not a Service Manager file)

Hi Experts,


kindly help to fix the issue for HPSM 9.52 server .

we are getting error when i login falcon or other user webclient /web-browser .

Failed to load user information

SCFile name smcconfig is not a Service Manager file.

Script 'SMCRemoteService' line 33: ERROR TypeError: $("smcconfig", SCFILE_READONLY).setFields is not a function at char 1

i have uploade script library unl ( SMCRemoteService ) but still not solved .

i have attached screenshot please check and provide the solution for the same issue .





  • If this is related to 9.34--> 9.52 server issue..

    I think it might be related with your 9.34-9.5x upgrade issue. So you need to tackle that one first.

    The 9.5x war is looking at 9.34 files and not seems to be compatible with them thats why errors.

    I suggest to followup the other thread of sm upgrade and make sure 9.52 upgrade is complete.