HPSM 9.52 all workflow not able to see in SM

Hi Team,


Kindly help for the same issue we are not able to see any workflows in hpsm 9.52 .

RTE 9.52

Web tier -9.52

Apache tomcat -9 version 

We have uploaded multiples workflow but not showing in admin console but loaded workflow working in my environment and showing in workflow tab when we raised Change or SD or IM .

 i have attached screenshots for the same .


kindly suggest how can we solve this issue .



  • Hi team,

    Kindly suggest asap.
  • Verified Answer

    The operator seems not to have the rights to display workflows. 


    Where is "Workflow" in System Navigator called and what is executed?

    It's called in menu "TAILORING" : 

    Application : us.launch.internal

    Parameter Value: workflow/workflowList.jsp?singleTab=true

    Condition: jscall("security.getRights", "Tailoring", "view")=true and sysinfo.get("environment")~="scguiwswt"


    What you can check: Has the operator the "Tailoring: view" right ? 

    How to check this:

    command operator

    enter the operator name you're testing with


    Put the cursor to User Role, Click Find to display the User Role

    Put the cursor to Security Role, Click Find to display the Security Role

    Scroll down to Area "Tailoring"

    Double Click Tailoring

    Check if the "View" flag is true. 


    Do the same check for all Security Roles the user has. 

    Security Roles are build as maximum of all settings.