application and RTE version not visible

HI Experts ,


kindly provide the suggestion i am not able to see the version information in HPSM 9.52 .

showing blank i have attached screenshot for the same issue .

i have checked the version in sm client > cmd >db >scversion but showing only build date not version info .

and also checked in cmd >*fscversion 

system administrator >base system >monitoring >version info from admin access .

please help and provide the suggestion how can we resolve this issue .






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  • Can you upload a screenshot from "falcon user i am able to see in system administrator >base>monitoring>version information" ?

    Was the upgrade successfully ? (check System Navigator - System Administration - Ongoing Maintenance - Upgrade Utility - View/Merge Results)

    Was the upgrade path supported ?
    That depends on the exact SM9.34 version and SM9.52 target version:
    SM9.34: was there a ProcessDesignerContent Pack installed ? If yes, which one ?
    SM9.52: Hybrid or Codeless ?

    see restrictions in upgrade guide page 11 (attached):
    Service Manager 9.52 does not support the following upgrades:
    Upgrade from SM9.3x with PDCP4 installed to SM9.52 Hybrid.

    Meanwhile, Service Manager 9.52 does not support the following direct upgrades:
    Direct upgrade from SM9.3x without PDCP installed/SM9.3x with PDCP2 installed/SM9.3x with PDCP3 installed to SM9.52 Codeless.

  • HI Heike,


    thanks for the reply i have attached same details .

    i have checked our customer SM was upgraded 9.30 to 9.34 and then 9.52.0011 version .

    but still scversion not showing .kindly help for the same .




  • Hi Rakesh,

    The screenshot version.png shows
    Application Version: 9.52.0011
    RTE Version: 9.52.0011
    Application Build Date: 30/06/14 00:00:00

    The Application Build Date seems not to be correct. It should be in the year 2017 instead of 2014.
    In my OOB 9.52 I do have for Application Build date for the same App Version 03/30/17 23:00:00

    SM9.34 was delivered 2014.

    That means that the upgrade SM9.34 - SM9.52 did not successfully finish.

    For the patch resuilt.png:
    this just shows the first 4 records of 143.

    In the Patch results you need to check if there are records with Result values other than "added" or "updated".
    To check this, goto
    System Administration - Ongoing Maintenance - Upgrade Utility - View/Merge Results
    sort the list by column "Result" and check mainly the records with Result values

    Additionally search for Object Type = scversion in the upgrade results table. Is there any record ?

    Did you receive any message about "scversion" in the upgrade log on the server ?

    When exactly did you do the upgrade 9.34 - 9.52 ?

    Best regards,

  • HI Hike, yes i got your point but how can we fix this issue we need to fix this issue , please where can we search scversion related information in hpsm for searching something . Regards, Rakesh