Connect IT to send HTML message with fields from Service Manager

Hello experts,
I am interested if there is a way to write HTML code in a connector of Connect IT v9.40?
What I did:
1. Exposed table in which I will store data that needs to be sent
2. Connected CIT to this table
3. I am already sending notification from CIT like this:

dim tekst as string
dim address, vrijeme as string
dim position,positionT as long
dim count as integer
dim to_mail,to_vrijeme as string
dim x as string

dim address1 as string
dim position1 as long
dim count1 as integer
dim to_mail1 as string
to_mail1=replace([''],chr(13) & chr(10),";")
count1 = 0
address1 = to_mail1
position1 = instr(0, address1, chr(59), 0)
do while len(address1) <> 0
address1 = RightPartFromLeft(address1,chr(59),0)
count1 = count1 1
position1 = instr(0, address1, chr(59), 0)
count1=count1 1
tekst=tekst "<div class=" x "WordSection1" x "><p class=" x "MsoNormal" x ">&nbsp;</p> "
I wanted to know if there is a way to send notification in HTML form with fields mapped from an exposed table of service manager?