Approval Button Functionality

Hi Experts,

I need to display the Approval Button  only to people who needs to approve that particular RFC.

I am able to display the button based on Current.pending.groups field. (only to users whose names are directly present int this field)

In Current.pending.groups field, CAB is a group which is  part of approvals. So how can I display the button to the peoples who are part of CAB Approvers ??

 Thanks in advance.


Shalini R


  • Try doing a calculation in cm3r format control to read in the members of the group into a variable and then using that variable in the User condition of the display option.

  • The out of box More Actions > Approval > Approve and More Actions > Approval > Deny display options already function as described, displaying only for those users who currently have approval authority for the record. There are two exceptions: the out of box conditions show the Approve/Deny/Retract options to Change Managers and SysAdmins at all times--the condition can be modified to prevent that. Similarly, if you access the approval record itself, the out of box conditions on the buttons already filter the display of the approve/deny toolbar buttons to only those with active approval authority. 

    The calculations are performed in the related displayscreen, and generate the variables $L.approval.intersect and $L.retract.intersect (please confirm exact variable names, not at an HPSM system right now). $L.approval.intersect is the list of pending approvals in the record for which the user has approval authority and $L.retract.intersect is the list of previously completed approval actions for which the user has the authority to retract the action.