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does anyone know if it is possible to make this approval comments optional, if I put checkbox for approval comments they are always mandatory. I want to make it only optional.

I have checked and this is buried in RAD so I don't know if it is possible to manipulate.



  • The formatctrl usually handles pop-ups for out of box validation pop-ups, but rulesets can also create pop-up validations. I did notice that the message "Please enter the comments for the approval" on the form is coming from scmessage(31, "approval"). In scmessage, you can search for message number "17" and Class "approval" to verify. There could be a variable that is set for and used on a formatctrl to validate if you entered data into the text box.

    What is the message displayed when you attempt to approve when box is empty?

    Do you know what form is the pop-up? If you open the approval pop-up in the windows app and click on top left corner "Tools" then "Help on Form", you can get the form name.

    What workflow are you using? The pop-up may be coming from a wizard, which would contain the form and formatctrl info.

    Also, you can type "fs" on command line to display the find string screen and search for keywords. For example, search for the message displayed and search in scmessage.



  • Hi dfilipovic2,

    There's an old enhancement request for approval comments to be made optional. - See

    Unfortunately, that was submitted in 2017 and may have lost its way. You should log a new idea for this in and use the new ER process.

    Drum up enough votes for this idea and this functionality could be reviewed for inclusion into future release.

    You have my vote. More choices in SM is always a good thing.


  • hi,

    log in as admin, from menu navigate to tailoring --> document engine --> objects --> type the table name & search --> go to approval tab --> select "Require appr.comments? 

    this will allow to capture approval comments



  • Maddy, thanks for good info. I think difilipovic2 wants the comments box to display, but not make it mandatory. From my understanding, difilipovic2 is checking the box you described, but wants the associated validation for it to not be mandatory.
    Hmmm, I guess another option is to set "Require appr. comments" box to false and update the form pop-up to include a text box for comments and use the comments field as the input.

  • , ,

    that is correct I want approval comments to be optional not mandatory.
    I have managed to solve this by calling a script then opening a form and there approver can enter optional comments.

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  • I think this was a good solution. The approval through RAD and you would need to trick the RAD. It's mandatory there the field that stores the comments whenever the comment appears. I was taking a look at the RAD and I think it would be simple to trick it.
    You need to find a way to fill the value strings2 in $L.ask when the action is approve; I think a god place would be the DO approve.get.comments.
    Maybe you want to give it a try.