Select multiple records and update them like Mass Update

Hello everyone,
I need help with the next thing, I want to create new action "Mass Assign to Me" and I don't want to use Mass Update action which is available because I want to enable for Service Desk employees that they can assign multiple records which are in right status, phase and everything else that they can assign to them.
So what I need, do you know if there is a way when I press action (Display Option) to 'catch" this selected records like in picture bellow?


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  • Hi.

    First make a new FD with only one field.

    for example

    Make a new FD to cm3r table with only one field (number)

    Now go to comand line a write db enter.

    on table write cm3r

    on form select your new FD.

    now on expert search find the tickets to list.

    On list select first check to select all tickets and press masive update and complex update.


    for example write 

    room in $file="22"  and clic execute.


    When you use a form with few fields the masive update is fast and the Format Control not running.




  • There is a programmer guide which show differents ways to handle  querys and scripts that wil lalow you accomplish deiferents functions on the system.


    Check next km document: KM01824235