Need to supress Duplicate Message in change management

Hi Experts,

I need to supress the below message.(it occurs when there is an duplicate in record)

03/21/17 12:03:18

The record being added contains a duplicate key (format.cjavascript,calc.javascript)

03/21/17 12:03:18

file:(wpopt) key:(id=342192) (format.cjavascript,calc.javascript)


How to Do that??

Any Suggestions are appreciated. Thank You,


Shalini R

  • That message is out of the box and I don't think can be removed.  The only real way is to prevent the situation from occurring.  Do you know why there is a duplicate record being created?

  • Yes, I know it. Beacuse already we have a records with combination of Change Number and Affected Press in WPOPT Table. But we are trying to insert again.


    It is a automated function which will insert records into the WPOPT table from Cm3r when an RFC in Review Phase. Now we are changing implementation to be in approval Phase. so for existing records, already those were available in WPOPT and when automated script are running, it is showing  a message to users.

    SO I need to supress that mesage.



  • Verified Answer

    You can only "suppress" that message by adhering to the database index contraints. That means you cannot add a duplicate record. You could modify the index and add another field that would allow duplicates..

    But the better approach would be to modify your script to check if the record exists and alter it instead og added a new..

  • Hi Tom,

    I changed the script, to check the record exist or not. Now records are getting inserted if it doesnt exist and duplicate  error is not coming.

    Thank You for your efforts.


    Shalini R