RAD Application Query: am.calculate.related.records

Hi Experts,

We have a requirement to change the implementation in Configuration Management.

We have a field Change count, Incident count, Problem count,  etc. in CMDB.

In process they are calling RAD App: am.calculate.related.records   from there they are calculating how many records are opened in CM, IM, PM with that particular Press name.

Example:  Change Count is getting displayed based on, how many records are opened with that particular press as affected. I need to add one more criteria in Change Managemnet to check the count(category should be documentation, status should be open).

Exactly What I have to do and where to do the changes to implement this??

Thanks in Advance.


Shalini R

  • You'll need to create something custom.  You already saw that the system uses the RAD application 'am.calculate.related.records' and in the 'start' panel of that RAD, the cm3r query gets hardcoded:
    $L.cm3r.qry="(logical.name=\"" $L.logical.name "\" or affected.item=\"" $L.logical.name "\" or assets=\"" $L.logical.name "\") and open=true"

    Because it's hardcoded in the RAD, you can't modify it.  

    However, that RAD call is part of the 'am.calculate.related' Process record.  So you can manipulate the data a little bit before it comes back to you.

    But, before you do that, I want to push on the 'why'?  

    If you put in your code, that means that only open Change tickets on Documentation will come back as a count when you use that function, across all CI types.  So, if you're looking at a server, for example, and that Server has a change ticket to update its memory or CPU, that Change ticket won't be returned as one of the open changes... I don't think you really want to modify that function and pull back a smaller subset of all change tickets.

    Why would you need to do this?